Purchase Styling

Purchase Styling

If you want to buy an existing house or want a new house built, it can be difficult to translate drawings into reality. It is sometimes difficult to predict what colors and materials you can best use your home into its best to come.

Esfera Styling can help you translate your wishes and requirements into an appropriate interior design and color, material and advice. I believe in creative solutions with you and help you create the atmosphere you want.

Many people still think that it is expensive to consult a stylist for advice. But precisely the opposite is true. Most people buy on impulse often the design of a room, without thinking about it carefully or the whole or a unity with the entire interior. This applies to furniture, wall and window coverings, decoration and lighting. Once at home, most articles appear too small or not they fit the style of the rest of the interior.
One or more advisory talks with Esfera Styling can help you get the right choices, and a lot of disappointments with bad bargain.

Color advice:
Want to know what colors best complement your home?
The choice of color depends on where you want to use color, what effect you want to achieve and what function of the space. Esfera Styling makes a personalized color plan and takes into account such as your furniture, accessories and lighting. I also explain the psychological and emotional effect of color out. Afterwards you get the plan including the paint color numbers so you or your painter can go right away.

Style Advice:
Visualization of wishes and ideas
There are so many styles, colors and beautiful furnishings. The home fashions change regularly. Sometimes it is difficult to nominate what you like and determine what suits you. Esfera Styling can help you get a choice to come. Explore together / we look what your style is, where you at home. Then I make a correct combination of colors, materials and shapes. Using a mood board (a collage of the type of furniture/ colors / accessories or materials), the result visualized.

Esfera uses the following approach for constructing an interior design:

Step 1:
Briefing/ interview
Introductory briefing and discussion. At this stage I discuss your needs and requirements of a particular room or an entire building.

Step 2:
Preliminary interior design and color advice you during this process a good idea of the final result.
In the preliminary design, I present (if desired) an impression and a color advice that I essay based on the survey / interview briefing. I do use for the presentation of mood boards, sketches, images, color swatches and materials. This allows

Step 3:

Final interior design

This is the final elaboration of the preliminary design and here we materialize the ideas. A final design consists of a material, furniture, lighting, upholstery, and a detailed color map.

Step 4:

Production Design

You can choose to outsource all the plans. That means I take my organization. I order you to the furniture and related matters and am the contact for everything about the design of the building. I arrange the handyman and ensure the planning. You can of course choose to have this (partly) for your own account to participate.

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Styling advice can purchase your home, but now ONLINE!