Online Styling

Do you have a busy job and no time to be free to take an interior stylist to receive? But you want an inspiring interior? Esfera styling could have the solution for you … STYLING ADVICE ONLINE! In a few easy steps you will receive an online advice. Within a couple of days, and for a fixed price.

Below the benefits:

* In your own time
* Based on your own photos
* Within 2 days return by mail your personal STYLING plan
* Affordable: price for a space / room is 45, – EUR (excl. VAT). Second (or more) space (s) 45, – Euro (excl.VAT)
* Take some photos of the room (from different angles, just as important to you)
* Choose the type of advice (restyling, purchase or sale styling styling) and send an email with your questions and photos to
* I  will call you as soon as possible for an intake of potential bottlenecks, your ideas about the property with regard to styling, etc.
* Get the amount for online advice on interior
* Once I’ve received payment, you will receive within 2 days STYLING ONLINE personal advice by email