Health Club & Wellness

Esfera Styling provides Interior design -& styling to HealthClubs/ SPA’s/ Yoga Centres/ Fitness Centres/ Sportcentres etc.

Esfera have experience in creating a RESTYLING for Healthclubs; fitness gyms, spinning studios and specialise in creating relaxation lounges and changing rooms with a calming atmosphere for that post workout wind down. Also for different YOGA CENTRES and a BEAUTY SALON/ BARBERSHOP she was part of designing the interior.

Healthclub Lounge before & after:

Lounge BEFOREesfera-styling.ESCEnkhuizersportcentrum.lounge3

Healthclub corner bar before & after:


Healthclub bar before & after:




Spinningstudio before & after

Esfera_Styling_Portfolio_Enkhuizer_Sportcentrum_Spingruimte_2Spinning Area before restyling

Gym before & after

after restyling gym@esfera stylingbefor restyling gym




 Cardio studio after

Dressingroom before restyling
Dressingroom before restyling

Dressingroom after restyling @esfera-styling
Dressingroom after restyling @esfera-styling
Beauty salon/ Barbershop:

14-02-12 Stoel 10


14-02-12 Stoel 10

stoel10 bali