Office/ (health) practices

Esfera Styling creates for you a relaxing and healthy climate in your health practice or office.


A healthy workplace, that’s vitality for everyone!


Benefits of a healthy workplace/practice area:

* Increased creativity

* Healthier employees

* Increased productivity

* Less time lost through illness


Green Notary Entrance with natural materials @Esfera Styling


A productive and pleasant work in a healthy environment in your company, are you interested?

Restyling Notary-elements of nature-@esfera-styling


Restyling Notary –earth, wood, metal, fire–@Esfera Styling
Restyling Notary –stairway to heaven–@esfera styling
Restyling Notary–elements of nature–@esfera-styling
Restyling Notary–recycle raw materials–@esfera-styling










Esfera Styling provides interior design for healthpractice’; you can think of doctors/dentist/hospitals/fysiotherapy etc.

She also provides styling for notary offices, laywer offices etc.

Are you interested? Get in contact with Esther Muizelaar from Esfera Styling via contact or