Finally the’re more possibilities for Cuba to rise economicly, since the contact with USA increased since some years, after 50 years of poverty. But now, within 10 years Cuba will be the richest island in the Caribieen. At this time, there is a large lack of hotels, bar/restaurants, Golf-& Spa/Yoga Resorts. Cuba has not enough place to all tourists. Are you interested as an investor or company in order to settle there?

car cubaEsfera Styling is designing interiors for companies & private residences in Cuba.

Companies/ Residences who still want to establish, or already existing that will need a restyling of their interior, can get in touch.
Esther from Esfera will make it its utmost effort to ensure that the created space closely fit the (life)style of her clients.

She will love it to keep the unique Cuban atmosphere (if wanted & needed). Making a restyling of the interior is important in order to stand out from the strong competition which will rise the coming years.

Esfera-Styling_Havana_BalkonAre you an investor or do you like to start a company in tourism in Cuba (boutique hotels, hotel resorts, casa particular, AIRBNB accomodations, other holiday accomodations), SPA & Wellness, catering (bar & restaurants), shops, sport (golf resorts, surf, fitness, yoga) etc and are you interested the create a interior that stands out?

Please, can it touch by the contactpage on this website.

Esther Muizelaar is a great fan of Cuba herself. She knows Cuba well because of her Cuban family and connections on the island.

P.s. Pronto eso website es tambien y espagnol