Esfera means “atmosphere” in Spanish.
The letters “Es” also come back in my first name, Esther (the stylist behind Esfera Styling).
That I choose for Spanish in my business name has a meaning. I’ve lived and worked in many locations elsewhere in the world. So I came in contact with various cultures that have given me tremendous inspiration. Inspiration in the field of colours, materials, shapes, and styles. Through my passion for mosaics (see www.waveartmozaiek.nl), which is mainly developed abroad (Dominican Republic), I have dressed up hotels, restaurants and shops. There I discovered another passion: interior styling!

Once back in The Netherlands, i started The Interior-Styling Academy in Amsterdam. I started also to assisted in photo styling for several Dutch magazines (YES, FLAIR & MAGRIET). I also worked as a stylist for LOODS 5 in Zaandam (Holland) & at a interior shop for materials such as window coverings, flooring, wall coverings and paint.

By now, I have also done restylingen for interiors of different gyms, notary office, Marina building, yacht club, jewellry-shop, hairdresser, yoga centre and several individuals. I’m in a variety of sectors employable.